About Us
Company Background
The Dhar Textile Mills Ltd. is a textile processing company located in Indore, M.P. The company has fully integrated manufacturing facilities from spinning, weaving, dyeing, processing, and printing to finishing. DTM offers a diverse product range which includes heavy fabric for bottom wear, uniforms, work wear, outerwear, light fabric for top wears, night wears, made ups and home furnishing. The entry barriers for the other players in the processing of cotton fabric are very strong as textile industry has an essentially long gestation period – both in terms of stabilization of production facilities as well as product. DTM has already a running integrated manufacturing facility and a wide product range. The company holds quality certification ISO 9001-2000.
The company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 15th June 1984 under the Companies Act, 1956. The company commenced activities with the manufacturing of spun yarn in April 1986. It was converted into a public limited company in April 1995; its shares are listed at Bombay Stock Exchange. A fabric weaving and processing unit was set up in March 1996.