DTM's 95% of sales are targeted towards garment manufacturers. Out of this, 60% of the current customers belong to small garmenting units having a turnover of around Rs. 100-900 Million. These are basically owner driven companies and are very price conscious customers. Remaining 40% of current customers are large buying houses and exporters having turnover beyond Rs. 1.00 Billion. They supply to renowned international brands and are quality driven buyers.

The distribution channel consists of mostly
DTM à Garment Exporter
DTM à Agents à Garment Exporter / Buying Houses

DTM offers choice to customers, in fabric processed from its own material as well as job work. Its customers can place orders choosing from different combination of processes, discontinuous and specialized operations such as only bleaching, dying or printing. In case of job work, customer provides the fabric.
Price Sensitivity of the market - The market is extremely price sensitive in case of job work orders. As the product moves up the value addition chain, the price becomes less important in comparison to quality and timely delivery. The market can be classified on the basis of sales realization as follows:
  • Excellent sales realization: fashion apparel segment for major international brands.
  • High sales realization:

- Preferred supplier to major buying houses of international brands
- Supplier to various garment exporters
- Supplier to Industrial work-wear and uniform exporters

  • Good Sales realization: fashion apparel and industrial uniform segment for domestic garment manufacturers.

The sales realization further depends on:

  • Own fabric processing have better margins and value addition
  • Job work orders have less margins and are very price competitive