Our Divisions - Yarn Division
DTM set up an open end cotton yarn spinning unit that commenced commercial production in 1986 and employs about 225 workers.
The division is located in Industrial Area, Pithampur (MP) at a leasehold land admeasuring 145,800 square feet, taken on 99 years lease from the MPAKVN.
The division presently has 1,296 rotors and 3,640 spindles having aggregate installed capacity of 3,000 MTPA of yarn.
The division produces specialty yarn - both on open end as well as ring frame, an ideal combination in yarn manufacturing - in count range between 10s and 20s, which are mainly used in the manufacturing of industrial and apparel fabric.
The division has captive power generation of 1.5 MW to ensure consistent and quality power supply for uninterrupted production.
Our Divisions - Fabric Division
The Fabric Division has a weaving and processing unit set up in March, 96 and employs about 1000 workers.
The division is located in Industrial area, Indore (MP) on leasehold land admeasuring about 334,000 square feet, taken on 99 years lease from the DIC, Indore, M.P.
Weaving Section: The weaving facilities have 30 nos. air jet looms capable of producing fabric with different patterns from 64s reed to 124s reed, 27 picks to 110 picks; from canvas to corduroy; from 6s count to 40s count, are woven on these looms meeting international quality norms. Average production capacity of weaving section is approximately 12,000 meters per day.
Processing Section: The processing facilities have processing equipments including continuous bleaching line and continuous dyeing range.
Utilities: The division has electricity connection from the state electricity board. The steam demand of the mill is around 13 Metric tons per hour, which is met by two boilers. The compound air demand of 6 tons of the mill is sort through 4 compressors. The division has a Caustic Recovery Plant, an Effluent Treatment Plant and a Physio-Chemical Water Treatment Plant.