The Dhar Textile Mills manufactures processed fabric and its main customers are garment manufacturers. Its product range can be classified as under -
Product classes based on Product Applications
Heavy Fabric
Trousers, Jackets, Skirts, Work-wear, Uniforms, Overalls
Light Fabric
Shirts, Blouses, Pajamas, Shorts, Kids-wear
Home Textile
Bed-sheets,Pillow covers,Curtains,Upholstery
Grey Cloth
Product classes based on cloth /weaving / chemical and mechanical finishes
Based on cloth types
100% Cotton; blends like CVC, Polyester Cotton, Flex, Linen, Lycra etc.
Based on weaving patterns
Tussore, Drill, Twill, Canvass, Duck, Chinos, Gabardine, Satin, Voil, Poplin, Cambric, Flannel etc.
Based on chemical finishes
Water Repellant, Fire Retardant, Scotch Guard etc.
Based on mechanical finishes
Emerising, Raising, Peach-finish etc.

DTM is having continuous processing machines, which is processing fabric as heavy as weighing about 500 grams like drill, canvass and duck etc. to fabric as light as poplin, cambric and cotton voils weighing around 100 grams.

DTM uses virtually all types of dyes – reactive, vat, pigments and sulphur etc. It offers wide variety of specialized printing for different fashion applications such as pigment, reactive, vat discharge, pigment block on dyed background, and camouflaged printing for defense fabric applications. It has 100% in-house design and development facilities for printing.